If you require emotional support during this challenging time, we have skilled volunteers who can offer a listening ear.

For those with more complex emotional needs, we have trained professionals ranging from counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who can assist you during the period of the pandemic. Priority will be given to the families of those in the care of Hospice and Hospice workers.  If it is felt that your needs would be better met by specialist Mental Health Services, then we will support an onward referral.

Please use the local Crisis Response and Home Treatment Team (CRHTT), on 01624 642860 if you are experiencing significant psychological distress.

Emotional wellbeing

This section of the site focusses on helpful resources for looking after ourselves and our loved ones mental and physical wellbeing. These resources are mostly developed by psychologists and other professionals so will be based on sound psychological theory and knowledge.

When managing your well being, there is no ‘one size fits all’ – different things will work for different people, so have a look at the variety of support available and see what works for you.

Remember to be kind to yourself and others. We are facing an unprecedented experience, together as a community. There has not been a lot of time to prepare for this, either as an organisation or as individuals. Many of us are having to adjust to huge changes in an incredibly short space of time, it’s quite normal to feel anxious, worried and overwhelmed-this is a human response. It’s more important now than ever to practice self-care, allow yourself to express your feelings, make it ordinary to ask for support and offer your support to others.  Use your networks and friends, support each other.

Whilst HELP.IM has a library of resources in practicing self-care, you might feel that you need some additional support.


Our Infoline provides an information and signposting service. We’re open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Ask us for assistance with:


Where to get support near you

Useful resources for emotional wellbeing

Community services available to assist with emotional wellbeing


If you feel that you would benefit from support for any of the following please complete the request for help form:

Emotional distress

A safe space to express your feelings

Access a range of psychological support

Bereavement support

Self care


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Underlying health issues

Workforce wellbeing

Are you a keyworker during this current pandemic? If so, you play an incredibly important role in supporting your local community. It’s important to acknowledge the additional strain that you might be under at the moment and find ways to practice self-care. The following resources offer some useful reading and strategies to manage your own wellbeing and how to support your colleagues, during this challenging time.


The following support services have been created to support keyworkers.



8.00 to 6.00, 7 days a week




Self care at work

Team working

Home working

Managers of key workers

Caring for others