Team working

The Stress Bucket

Mental Health UK have have proposed that team use a “Stress Bucket” analogy to better understand and relieve their stressors. It is based on the idea that we each have a bucket that can take a certain amount of stress, but once it fill up and we begin to fee overwhelmed, what can we do to lighten the load? Try it individually or with your team.

  1. Imagine there’s a bucket you carry with you which slowly fills up when you experience different types of stress.
  2. Sometimes you feel strong enough to carry a lot of stress, but it’s important to find activities which help you lighten the load.
  3. What helps you reduce stress?
  4. How can you keep those activities going when other pressures build up?
  5. Thinking about the “Stress Bucket” together to prompt you and your colleagues to take action to build your resilience.

Creating space to care for your team

Download this workbook to guide you through creating a 20 minute care space for a group of up to 10 colleagues.